The mystery of Tooting and Waitrose.

It started with Antic’s Tooting Tram, carried on apace with Meza, Tota and Soho House’s Chicken Shed and with ordinary looking semis like this one now being advertised for £1m + it seems Tooting is rapidly catching up with it’s Balham neighbours in the gentrification stakes.

The question is, is it middle-class enough yet for a Waitrose – the benchmark of respectability for the ‘yummy mummy’ class?

There have been rumours for months.  Waitrose first denied this saying via Twitter in March that it had “nothing planned for Tooting in the short term”.  But the rumours just wouldn’t go away and as recently as the end of April, Waitrose had to confirm that they “still have not plans in Tooting. Sorry to disappoint”.

Case closed then?  Well no, because we received this leaflet from the local Conservative council candidates at the beginning of May.

waitrose tooting
So just days after Waitrose denied it via Twitter, local politicians are crowing about the new store.  Have they got it wrong? Are they just referring to the rumours same as everyone else?

We sent Waitrose the leaflet and asked them what was going on.


Clear as mud then but we suspect something is afoot.


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