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MicroScooters – Trading Up

It’s hard to walk along any Wandsworth street before 9am without encountering a hoard of children on Microscooters. Nevermind expensive 4x4s, they must be the number one means of transport for the school run in the borough.

We’ve had the three wheeledmicroscooters  since my kids were able to walk but our 7 year old son has been hankering after a two wheeled ‘big boys’ version for a while.

Unlike the three wheeled version, microscooters two wheelers can be neatly folded in half making them small enough to easily stow away in a cupboard.  The temptation to reclaim a bit of space in our hallway was to strong to resist so we decided to get one for him.

You can see how thrilled he was!
You can see how thrilled he was!

He isn’t the most naturally co-ordinated boy (he still occasionally trips over his own feet!) so we were a bit worried about how easily he’d make the transition from 3 to 2 wheels as it obviously requires better balance. We needn’t have been though as he picked it up really quickly – presumably the years of using the three wheeled microscooter helped here.

After a quick practice in the garden, we were ready for the park, accompanied by our 5 year old on her faithful maxi-microscooter.

Enjoying scooting on the common

He loved it and so did we.   The fact that you just have to release one button to fold the scooter in half makes it very easy for an adult to carry which is a great boon in London.  You can easily take it with you on public transport and it’s small enough to be left in most museum or art gallery cloakrooms.  We had a particularly good time scooting along the South Bank although it will be a while before he’s ready to join the bigger kids we saw doing tricks on theirs at the skatepark!

Microscooters has a wide range of two wheeled scooters starting at £74.95 and you can order from their website here.

Discolsure: microscooters gave us a Micro Bullet scooter (usually costing £99.95) for the purposes of this review but that hasn’t influenced us – all opinions expressed are honest and accurate.